Alerte, Carter & Associates, a New York based boutique Management and Public  
Relations firm with locations in Florida, Georgia and California

Headquartered in New York, the firm is known for implementing creative and  
customized media programs designed to impact our client's specific business goals  
and objectives. ACA is staffed by energetic, smart, fast-paced, and focused  
individuals who all share a common goal; to grow and do the best job for their  

ACA works diligently to define and shape the public image of many actors, authors, musicians, athletes, film networks , television shows, production companies, corporations and brands. We can assist you with taking your business and/ or career to the next level!  
Communication is the key to success, and ACA is an expert in effectively  
communicating our client's messages to target audiences. 

ACA Public Relations specialists work daily placing strategic stories in a wide  
array of markets and sectors. Whether the goal is to drive web traffic or introduce a  
new product, we understand our client 's business models and how to generate  
media coverage that brings measurable results. At ACA, we believe our client's 
success is our success. Our mission is simpl y to help our clients realize their vision.

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